Those responsible for Nusrat murder will be punished: PM

Those responsible for Nusrat murder will be punished: PM


নুসরাত হত্যায় জড়িত কাউকেই ছাড় দেয়া হবে না: প্রধানমন্ত্রী


নুসরাত হত্যায় জড়িত কাউকেই ছাড় দেয়া হবে না: প্রধানমন্ত্রী

Prime minister tribal sheik Hasina speaks at Awami League informatory meeting at Gana Bhaban on Friday. Photo: PIDPrime minister tribal sheik Hasina on Friday same one and all concerned within the killing of Feni religious school woman Nusrat Jahan Rafi are going to be bimanual exemplary penalty in order that nobody dares to commit such a monstrous act within the future.

“We’ve already in remission some culprits et al. are going to be caught, too. nobody are going to be spared. we cannot enable anyone to travel unpunished . all of them have to be compelled to get exemplary penalty in order that nobody dares to commit such incident within the future,” she said.

The prime minister was giving her introductory speech at a gathering of Awami League informatory Council members at her official residence Ganobahban.

Nusrat, a student of Sonagazi Islamia Senior Fazil religious school in Sonagazir upazila of Feni, was set aflame on Apr six allegedly for refusing to withdraw a case filed against principal Sirajuddoula of the religious school for sexually harassing her last month.

Only many minutes before the beginning of the Alim communication, four unidentified individuals allegedly took Nusrat to the top side of the three-storey body building of the religious school oral communication one in all her friends was being molested there and set her lit at one stage of argument over retreating the case.

After fighting for her life for 5 days, the religious school woman died at Dacca Medical school Hospital on Wednesday night.

Sheikh Hasina, additionally the chief of ruling Awami League, same Nusrat was molested by the religious school principal and she or he was savagely killed by setting hearth on her. “I do not have words to condemn this monstrous act. i attempted my utmost to avoid wasting the woman, even i attempted to send her to Singapore,” she said.

Blaming the BNP-Jamaat nexus for introducing the trend of killing individuals through incendiarism attacks within the country, the Prime Minister same in 2013, they tried this to resist the election whereas in 2015, they did identical within the name of falling the AL government. “There ought to be public awareness during this regard,” she said.

Talking concerning recurrent hearth incidents within the country, she same people who use homes, offices and buildings have their own responsibilities. “They have to be compelled to guarantee however they’ll get out of a building and there ought to be quenching arrangement if there is any hearth incident,” she said.

The prime minister asked the architects, engineers and authorities involved WHO offer approval to a building to be additional cautious whereas constructing any structure. “The set up of a building ought to be done considering the weather, climate and different connected aspects. The mentality of not thrifty an in. of area should be modified. What style of perspective is this?” she same.

She place stress on keeping own arrangements to stop any hearth incident, oral communication the govt is doing no matter necessary for identical purpose.
Hasina mentioned that the govt has procured ladders and cranes that might reach upto 22-storey buildings and additional.

She additionally concisely represented numerous initiatives taken by the govt, together with putting in place a minimum of one hearth station in every upazila, to equip the hearth Service and Civil Defence of the country.

The prime minister additionally reduced heavily on amerciable construction of floors defying the approved style. “After taking approval for eighteen floors, one made twenty two floors. this sort of irregularity should be stopped,” she same apparently bearing on Banani’s Fr Tower wherever twenty six individuals were killed during a hearth on March twenty eight.

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